Career: Aquaculture

"There's a lot more to aquaculture than meets the eye. The sector poses a great opportunity for our Nations in terms of diversification and transferable skills. This includes learning on the water and hands-on—not only boating skills but many types of skills such as electrician and welder—to build the infrastructure. It's much more than fish farming, there's kelp, seaweed, and shellfish to name a few. As we grow, that hands-on capacity building really needs to be supported."

Do you like to protect and care for your Nation’s natural resources?


If the majority of these statements apply, you could like working in aquaculture.


taking care of

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Discover how Ahousaht Fisheries staff is working to bring hink̓uuʔas (chum salmon) back to the village of Maaqutusiis.

Sea can hatchery brings hope for salmon rebuilding in Ahousaht First Nation


The People

Joshua Tate

Listen to Josh Tate talk about achieving his goal of becoming an aquaculture technician. He works at the Nitinat River Hatchery and helps to provide fish to his communities.

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