Radio Telemetry Surveyor Wanted

Uu-a-thluk (NTC Fisheries) is seeking proposals from interested individuals to provide
technical fisheries services based in Gold River for a Chinook salmon telemetry project
at the Conuma River.

The Contractor will have fisheries technical experience and provide foot-based mobile
radio telemetry surveys on the Conuma River with a snorkel crew in order to measure
detection efficiency of the snorkel surveyors, and measure survey life.

The Contractor will operate two remote telemetry receiver stations and regularly download data files,
and record all observations including date, time, tag code and frequency and location of
each radio tag detection. The Uu-a-thluk Regional Biologist will provide instruction in the
use of the fixed site, vehicle, and foot-based mobile telemetry survey equipment.

Read the full description here.

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